Janelle Solviletti
euphony book cover


The rendition goes on and on…time again, going out of your way to sit with the sound. I resist wind and count half-moons to pass time, walk backwards to survive… You’ll say, we all fake symphonies. And so, off the record, I’ll ask, should I be louder or silent until we are enough? Euphony is a new collection of poetry and prose written by Janelle Solviletti, uncovering those ‘sweet sounds’ that seemingly exist with us perpetually. If only life had a soundtrack….what would ours sound like? Each poetic confession in Euphony dives headfirst into the intimate and secretive relationship we share with music, art, and those words that never leave us.

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The melodies that are cast through Euphony start here. This is the sound that carries through each season with relentless pursuit, finding its home in the ear of each listener to interpret. Memories defined. Time memorialized. Music is by definition a form of harmony and emotional expression.