Janelle Solviletti
the cameo book cover

The Cameo

The Cameo begins with an astonishing claim: ‘I wish to disunite the postulation that love and time are one and the same.’ From there, it offers lyrical proof for this claim, through means wily ‘urban revolt’ and ‘manmade revelation,’ relational ‘In sequence/it seems you are immemorial’ and sacred. Depicting with great pathos the damage of two souls intertwining, as well as the even bolder proposition that romantic disillusion itself is a mirage: ‘I think I made you up.’ The metaphysical investigation into desire, disorder, and the natural world, invoke the declamation: ‘I am nothing but my own end’ as well as the argument for the powers of being to prevail against the temporal forces that oppose it. Step inside, and ‘luxuriate the moments’ with a new voice that proclaims, ‘My lips are an index of sinners I’m not done speaking for.’

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Music transcends through time. Over the years, these songs were part of the making of The Cameo, and whisper secrets in the margins. Before you turn the page, tune in to the place where it all began.